Citron Daylily

The Citron daylily is a perennial herb plant.

Common Name - Citron daylily

Additional Info

The Citron daylily is medium in size and 75 cm in height; in the summer it assumes a yellow coloring. These plants aren’t evergreens, which means they lose their leaves some months during the year. These plants give origin to a brush with a rounded form. The Citron daylily should be grown in a bright place, with direct sunlight. The Citron daylily should be grown outdoors; it can bear very harsh temperatures without any problems, even many degrees below zero. During this period of the year the Citron daylily needs regular watering, which should be done letting the soil dry between one watering and the other; let’s irrigate every 1-2 weeks with about 1-2 glasses of water. Generally, during this time of yea,r we suggest a pre-emptive treatment with wide range insecticide and with a systemic fungicide, to prevent the attack from part of the aphids and the development of fungus diseases, often favoured by a mild and damp climate.