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Looking for what’s new in landscape design? Open your door to ‘GardenWorld’ with designer, landscape artisan, Pradip and step outside to timeless beauty. At the first handshake you will identify the difference. There are landscape contractors that can change a landscape and those that define it. Pradip can see the design. Dedication to thoughtful and beautiful landscapes stands as a continuous source of inspiration for him.

Owner of GARDENWORLD  Landscaping and Exterior Design since 1995, Pradip’s instinctive artistic imagination allows him to walk into a landscape and immediately begin formulating a design layout. “In nature, we don’t have to look far for inspiration; we just have to know where to take it – design is an important part of the process,” Pradip expresses. “Upon identifying each homeowner’s ideas and style, creating an outdoor living space unique to them becomes our primary focus.”

Owner, Designer
GardenWorld since 1995
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“Our mission is to design the optimum landscape solution, install it with quality material and workman ship in a timely fashion and maintain it in top condition “


Anita Naik has been involved with projects ranging from large scale planning to detail site design for residential, hospitality, commercial, assignments. She finds inspiration from travel, observation and immersion into project context; always searching for new innovations as a means to foster creativity. She believes design must originate from the outside in where all aspects of a site ís program and surrounding environment are integrated in context, culture, people and emotion.
In the end, our goal is to improve and refine our clientsí vision ñ creating something functional, unique and meaningful.
Every project represents a mark we leave on the planet ñ we always want to make it a good one, a sustainable and responsible one, one that touches peoplesí hearts. This is what it most rewarding.
Bachelor of Architecture, from BVB college of engineering and Architecture Hubli. Joined GARDEN WORLD in 2012.

Anitha Naik
Principal Architect

Vinod brings a fresh viewpoint to the GardenWorld design team with his meticulous eye for detail and intrinsic artistic ability. 2-D designs seen from above can be difficult to translate, so presenting additional views can be particularly helpful. From concept to completion, Vinod excels at capturing designs in 3-D which gives our clients an opportunity to see their landscape designs come to life.
“I’ve been impressed by Vinod’s proficiency in multiple software applications and his strong aptitude towards architectural design. He has great intuition and ability to conceptualize the client’s vision.” – Santhosh Kugannavar Senior Architect.

“We are excited to have Vinod part of our GardenWorld design family. One of his strongest assets is his ability to take a rough concept and turn it into exactly what the space needs,” asserts Pradip, Owner and Designer, “Welcome aboard Vinod!”

3D Designer

Design should be beautiful, practical and comfortable all at the same time…”

I am now passionate about plants and creating spaces that nurture and inspire people, though I didn’t start out this way. Babitha is the office Manager at Garden World. She is the voice you hear every time you call Garden World. Her soft voice and prompt response makes everyone grounded. She is the face of office and is holding fort for everything at Garden World. She ensures smooth functioning of the business by managing a diverse set of administrative tasks.

She is happy to help out anyone and manage out tasks efficiently on a regular basis both from clients as much as the other ground employees. She keeps the work moving at Garden World like a well oiled Machine or should we say a well looked after plant…

Office Manager

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