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Stories play a vital role in our work and lives .Our images shown here tell stories and our stories are reflected at site.

Project Details

  • Area / Garden Size - 65,000 Sft
  • Project Status - Completed
  • Project Completed - 2016

Project Photos


The whole theme for the development of the landscape was based on “BAKING process”…the gazebo represents the oven where it also serves the purpose of having outdoor meetings and discussions and the ramp coming down which is designed in a very artistic turf and lawn mound represents the conveyor belt throwing out the cookies ..This ramp also offers seating at different levels and this productive lawn area serves as recreational and gathering areas. AS visitors approach the building the water feature acts as a focal point and the bold Company name makes a remarkable ever lasting impression.

The overall planting palate is planned to feel completely tropical hence maintaining a lush environment throughout the year with splashes of colour, with flowering trees and shrubs occurring seasonally. The design has tall and ever-green buffer planting in areas behind the gazebo to cut down the sunlight while the spaces around the lawn area are covered with foliage and flowering shrubs and ground cover to only add colour to the space….The story never ends ….

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