The flowerheads are dome-shaped, made up of many individual flowers, which are tubular and have 4 petals. The buds are in the center of the flowerhead, the young open flowers are yellow, and the old

Common Name - Bush Lantana

Additional Info

It was an early introduction elsewhere in the tropical world, where it soon escaped the confines of gardens and became a weed. L. camera is a prickly shrub, about 3-6 ft in height, with ovate rough leaves and almost continuous displays of blooms that appear as clusters made up of tiny florets. Orange or red-orange is the commonest colors, but there are cultivars with larger white, pink, or lemon-yellow flowers. People like having Lantana in a garden because of the pungent smell of the leaves and appreciate the reliable display of bright flowers. In Thailand, several colors are sometimes grafted onto a single trunk and the result trained into a standard. Lantana always prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Propagation is by air-layering or from woody cuttings.