OTHER NAME: PLANT FAMILY: ApiaceaeHABIT: A hard biennial with dense heads of small, bright green, curly of creamy white flowersHABITAT: Prefers full sun or light

Common Name - Curly parsley

Additional Info

Today, this most familiar of herbs are taken for granted, perhaps because of its ubiquitous use as a garnish. In fact, parsley has been a valued medicinal herb, credited by the herbalist Culpeper with treated many diseases. There are many beliefs and superstitions associated with it; the Ancient Greeks decorated tombs with parsley and the Ancient Romans wore parsley wreaths at banquets to the prevent intoxication… Its long germination time (seventy to ninety days) led to the old saying that parsley seed goes six times to the Devil and back before germination. With its distinctive yet subtle fresh flavor, parsley is a widely used culinary herb. It is a key ingredient in French bouquets garnis, sauces (including parsley sauce), stock and it’s high chlorophyll content makes it a useful breath freshener and it’s also a good source of vitamins C and A and iron.