Red Fountain Grass

In poly bags

Botanical Name - Pennisetum red

Additional Info

Red Fountain Grass – Pennesetum setacum ‘Rubrum’. Red Fountain Grass is the most popular ornamental Florida Friendly grass. Our cultivar flowers more and stays slightly shorter as it puts more energy into branching and producing an abundant amount of red nodding 12-inch flowers that dance in the breeze above the narrow dark red foliage. Red Fountain and Purple Fountain are synonymous. Cut them back once a year in the winter to a height at least 4 inches above the ground as they need to have the old foliage removed to make way for the spring flush. Fountain Grass is fairly drought tolerant and not an invasive here as it is in western states where it reseeds and becomes a fire hazard. Fountain Grass makes an excellent ‘THRILLER’ component in large containers and container combinations. Try mixing it with tough ‘FILLER’ plants like the Nirvana Vinca and setting this combination in the hot direct sun to create a focal point in your garden.