Senecio Confusus

For beauty and an easy to grow a plant, nothing can beat the Mexican Flame Vine or Senecio Confusus! It has thick leaves that remain a vibrant green and looks gorgeous with bright orange flowers. After

Botanical Name - Senecio confusus

Common Name - Mexican Flame Vine, Orange Glow Vine, Orange-Flowered Groundse

Additional Info

This creeper can grow to ten feet in length with flowers that grow alternately on its length. The flowers attract butterflies a great deal! Hummingbirds also seem drawn to these flowers.

This vine grows very well over letterboxes or even over porches and trellis railings. The contrasting color of orange and green makes a beautifully mixed color hedge too.

These flowers bloom in profusion from November to April. Although it is a perennial vine, between spring and autumn you will find sporadic blooming. It is very easy to grow and maintain and can be looked after even by a novice gardener.