Tibouchina Plant

The princess flower, glory bush, or lasiandra, is a sprawling, evergreen shrub or small ornamental tree native to Brazil and ranges from 10 to 15 feet (20 feet with proper training) in height.

Botanical Name - Tibouchina semidecandra

Additional Info

Tibouchina is a beautiful plant with striking purple flowers, and silvery and velvety leaves often edged in red.
Some flowers are open throughout the year but they are especially plentiful from May to January. Princess-Flower is ideal for the mixed shrubbery border or used in small groupings to compound the impact of bloom-time.
Growing Conditions:

Light: Bright, unfiltered sunlight. In general, direct summer sunlight is just a bit too strong, but it will not flower correctly without bright light.
Water: Keep it regularly moist in the summer growing season, and reduce water in the winter. However, the plant should never dry completely.
Temperature: Tibouchina flowers in the late spring or mid-summer, when it’s warming up or hottest. They do well with mild temperatures, in the mid-70s, and dislike extremes of hot or cold.
Soil: A loose, well-drained potting mix.
Fertilizer: Fertilize during the growing season with an organic fertilizer or controlled-release fertilizer according to the instructions provided by Gardenworld.