Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems and Installation

“We would strongly recommend an irrigation system for all gardens;
we do not design any gardens without an irrigation system in it”


Mr. Pradip Owner, Designer GardenWorld

One should understand that for a good looking garden all we need is good Soil media and water, normally gardeners start there day by sweeping and pulling the dead leafs etc and by the time he | she starts watering it will be noon or say 11Am, by then it will be evaporation and absorption!!! Plant hardly gets anything

The value of an automatic sprinkler system is relative to the intensity of maintenance and aesthetics desired. If you already manually water your lawn regularly and you desire a moderate to highly manicured lawn, it could be worth it. Sprinkler systems save, time, money, aid in water conservation, and help achieve a lush, green lawn.

Saving time by not having to monitor and move sprinklers. No more rolling hoses or getting wet making the next move, an irrigation system requires very little attention once set up. Over time, an automatic sprinkler system will pay for itself. The savings are incurred by eliminating overwatering, and providing perfect, efficient coverage. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of an irrigation system. We prefer using products manufactured by Hunter Industries and Rainbird.

Your irrigation system needs to be ‘tuned up’ periodically to insure it is running both efficiently and effectively.
Garden World technicians are fully trained and experienced to solve most every repair and design issue that your system may have.
Contact us to assist you in putting your system back into A-1 condition. We specialize in all leading irrigation systems but are capable of troubleshooting anything you might have.

If you have a garden and cannot afford to cut and lay the pipes we have a solution which is fast and robust.

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