Landscape and Garden Maintenance services in India

Comprehensive Ground Maintenance

Landscape Service Program

This is the best, most inclusive landscape maintenance package that GardenWorld Landscaping offers. It includes all the landscaping details of keeping your lawn neat such as lawn mowing, edging, as well as seasonal landscape fertilizing, pruning services, and more!
Our landscape services, at an affordable and competitive price point.

Details of ourcomprehensive ground maintenance

1. Mowing & Edging

  • All grass area’s will be mowed every forthright (15) days
  • All sidewalks, driveway areas, and curbs will be edged twice per month or as needed to maintain a neat appearance. Special care and attention will be taken to avoid sidewalk damage.
  • All agrogel, shrub, and flower beds as well as tree basin shall have a sharp, well defined edge. Debris from the edge definition will NOT be left in the bed areas. This will be performed twice per month or as needed.
  • All paths, walkways will be swept or blown off each visit or as needed to make sure areas are free of debris, as well as any mess that the crew makes will be removed from property.

2. Weed Control

  • Weed control shall be maintained below shrubs, and tree basin on a weekly basis. This may be done either manually or through the use of herbicides, which are not harmful to the plant materials located in the shrub or beds. Weeding shall be done in conjunction with the mowing.
  • All seams and cracks in sidewalks and curbs will be managed for weeds through chemical or manual control as needed.
  • All Grass areas will be treated with a broadleaf herbicide spot treatment and will be applied as needed.

3. Lawn Care

  • During the summer season an application of a time released balanced fertilizer will be applied as well as the use of a broadleaf herbicide for spot treatment as needed.
  • All dead leaves and debris will be removed from the site once a month or as needed depending on the season.

4. Pruning

  • All ornamental shrubs, bushes and evergreens will be pruned or sheared ones (1)  a month to ensure a professionally maintained appearance. All fast growing shrubs or bushes will be pruned as needed.
  • Tree pruning will be done annually. Pruning will be limited to a height of 12 feet. Trees will be thinned out properly as needed.
  • Ground cover will be pruned as needed to make sure that vegetation will not grow onto or over any walkways or paths. Ground cover will also be pruned as need to make sure that it does not interfere with the growing of any other plant, shrub or flower and will remain separated.

5. Fertilizer and insecticide application

  • Our Horticultural Manager take round ones in month and generate reports – which would be followed by our power and pest control team, who are educated and qualified to carry the task
  • We change the fertilizer and insecticide application based on the season – most of our fertilizer and insecticide are bio organic
  • All activity carried out will be sent as a report on an email monthly

6. Irrigation and electro mechanical team

  • Our inhouse engineers and crews are trained to handle any damages occurred at site on the irrigation pipe line
  • Our Warehouse has got all adequate stock to supply
  • Monthly rounding by the engineer to observe the sprinkler are working fine

7. Administration 

  • All deputed gardeners screening record and verification reports
  • Monthly ESI AND PF challan
  • Generating reports TIME TO TIME
  • Invoice | Tax | Return files

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