GARDENWORLD takes pride in being at the forefront of design and culture, and we believe that humans are an inseparable part of landscape ecologies. Unlike many firms that begin with sustainable aspirations but rarely build them, we derive our ideas and commitment to sustainability from decades of constructing landscapes. As a result our knowledge continues to grow with our research and development on every project, and we have learned to consider our built work over time so that we can adjust our goals and methods based on physical reality.

GARDENWORLD works diligently to find the best balance between constructed and natural systems and is passionate about finding beauty in both. Striving for meaningful physical solutions to challenging problems of resource management, habitat development, and the maintenance of healthy ecologies, GARDENWORLD works in collaboration with many experts. Ecologists, civil engineers, horticulturalists, soils scientists, and many others are engaged in intense discussions about how to integrate best practices into designed landscapes.

GARDENWORLD takes the lead in linking disciplines and professionals to invent constructible solutions. Ultimately, our proposals allow for straightforward and seemingly simple construction of landscapes that link the natural world and the human environment.

Our constructions initiate dynamic relationships between the site systems – social, economic, and ecological – that are unique to each place. Our designs tailor the performance of landscapes to the programmatic needs of each project and the realistic budgets of each client. We follow through on the real-world regulatory, economic, and constructability issues in order to realize our sustainability goals and aspirations.

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