GARDENWORLD will be selecting a small group of Landscape Architecture students for 2018 apprenticeships.

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GARDENWORLD has a long-standing commitment to linking education and practice. Since the inception of the firm, GARDENWORLD has offered an internship program that provides students an opportunity for immersion in the working environment of a firm committed to built work.

The GARDENWORLD Internship Program allows students to gain exposure to the inner workings of GARDENWORLD and our team. The students are not the only ones who benefit from the internship experience…the staff welcomes the energy, enthusiasm, and fresh thinking that the students bring.

A group of four to eight students are inserted into project teams where they experience all aspects of a project, from concept through construction documents, in order to understand the real world application of their studies.

The students are tasked with a week long Design Charrette where they are pushed to combine their individual design sense with physical materiality in a design proposal that culminates in a juried review.

Individual projects will be given to each student depending on the interest and skills, the projects may vary from commercial, residential, hospitality and recreation buildings. They will be involved with the principle landscape architect directly on the ongoing project from interacting with the client to till completion.

GARDENWORLD focuses on turning concepts into reality and as such, we feel strongly that experiencing landscapes is an essential part of designing them. Guided visits to the ongoing projects, GARDENWORLD NURSERY are a major component of our internship program.

GARDENWORLD coordinates with other acclaimed firms to provide opportunities for regular visits to other practitioners’ offices where the students can see different office structures, working environments, and learn about other projects in Landscape Architecture and related fields.

The internship is charged on a package. Living arrangements and transportation are not provided and are the responsibility of the students. International students are welcome to apply, but GARDENWORLD can offer visa assistance.


Interested students should send a hard copy application package with the following information to arrive in our office.

All applications will be reviewed and replied

1. Resume, including special skills and interests

2. Portfolio of work – if group projects are submitted, clearly indicate what work you have done – no digital samples or personal websites will be reviewed. Application materials accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope will be returned.

3. Contact information for 2 references

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