They are grown for their ornamental foliage in homes, greenhouses, and in the outdoors, where climates allow.

Botanical Name - Aglonima

Additional Info

These plants should have a moist, but well drained, heavy soil. It will live for long periods in water and in spots with poor light; though bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade is best. Water moderately and maintain a fairly humid atmosphere. Keep them drier throughout the winter.

The leaves are alternate on the stems, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, dark to medium green, 10-45 cm long and 4-16 cm broad, depending on the species. The flowers are relatively inconspicuous, white or greenish-white spathes that can give way to red berries.The sap of this plant is poisonous to health. It causes skin irritation. If ingested, the sap causes irritation of the mouth, lips, throat and tongue.