Azaleas are flowering shrubs with blooms of white, shades of pink and purple, and Red.

Botanical Name - Azalea rosea

Additional Info

Azaleas can be used as border plants, in mass plantings, and as a specimen plant.

Growing Conditions:
Azaleas grow best in shade or partial shade, such as under large trees.

Water newly planted azaleas every 2 or 3 days (if there is no rain) until their roots become established. Then reduce watering to once a week. Azaleas need to stay moist, not wet or dry. Generally an inch of water a week is sufficient when it is hot and dry. Azaleas can never be left to fend for themselves as they are too shallow rooted to survive. Watering in the winter is sometimes necessary. Too much water is just as bad for azaleas as too little.

Azaleas are light feeders and require only a small amount of fertilizer to maintain good foliage color and flowers. You only have to apply it once a year in a very small quantity. Or use one of the combination insecticide-fertilizer products if you have lace-bug problems. Always water well after each application of fertilizer. If you use too much, you could easily burn up your plants. Do not use any kind of fresh manure on azaleas. It is much too strong a fertilize