Brya Ebenus

Brya ebenus is a perfect plant for the rock garden and it gives addition beauty in the garden when used as a specimen plant. The yellow flowers on the drooping branches are awesome at the leaves of the

Common Name - West Indian ebony

Additional Info

Hard-wooded deciduous shrub to 2m, or tree up to 6m high, with fissured bark, leaves compound of ovate leaflets to 15mm long and clustered, deep orange-yellow pea flowers with standard 1cm long, fruit ripening brownish and covered by whitish hair and 1-seeded.

A most beautiful shrub with its pendulous and drooping branches.  The small leaves are Ivy-green in color. There are small spines at the axils of the leaves. The drooping branches get covered with small yellow flowers during the summer and the rains. To make it dwarf and bushy the top of the main shoot may be cut. It is good as a backdrop in a shrubbery, well-suited for rock gardens, and is planted as a specimen plant. This is also suitable for planting near a water surface. The plant is injured or even killed by frost.