this tree also called as majestic beauty Ready to transplant tree of 6-8 ft height are available with us

Botanical Name - Chorisia speciosa

Common Name - Floss-Silk

Additional Info

Mainly evergreen but will go deciduous briefly when they flower. Oval shaped medium sized tree growing to 30 to 60 ft tall and 20 to 40 ft wide. Fast rate of growth when young then slows down. Beautiful flowering tree in fall with showy pink to rosy-colored blossoms. A trunk is stout, green in color and usually is armed with thick, heavy spines. Leaves are palmately compound with long petiole. Five leaflets per leaf. Fruit is a large pod appearing in spring. Pod opens and emits cotton-like material. Used as a background tree, for naturalizing, accent, and specimen. Prefers a well-drained soil and likes summer water. Is considered to be half-hardy. The trunk is usually enlarged at base. Cotton is used as stuffing material like pillows. A tree may go deciduous in autumn or when the temp goes below 27 degrees F