Duranta Variegated

Though very useful in the landscape, they are often overlooked, and much less common than they ought to be. In recent years, however, there have been quite a few new durantas introduced into the nurse

Botanical Name - duranta variegated

Common Name - Skyflower

Additional Info

Some durantas are grown primarily for foliage color, while others are noteworthy for their showy displays of golden-yellow berries. All durantas, though, have pretty 1/2″ flowers in hanging clusters that are sweetly fragrant, especially in warm weather. Blooming throughout the year, they are one of the few flowers that attract both hummingbirds and butterflies (and also larger birds which may feed on the berries), and so are an excellent choice for accommodating these garden friends. Other “sweet” features of durantas include their abil­ity to tolerate sun or shade (with the variegated ones looking best in part shade) and their actual preference for heavy soils (most will tolerate just about any soil and even a bit of drought). Frost hardiness varies, with the species D. erecta the hardiest (to around 20°F.) and the large-leaved types tender at 25-27°F. Durantas are very useful as fast-growing hedges and screens and are easy to grow. They also are very adaptable to container culture – the colorfully foliaged ones, in particular, may be con­trolled at almost any size in pots, where they can be happy for many years.