English Ivy

English Ivy is a five-winged leaf vine which grows well in a semi-shaded area. These leaf sizes are also different, depending on its cultivated variety. It is decorative only because of these leaves

Botanical Name - Hedera helix

Common Name - English Ivy, Common Ivy

Additional Info

English Ivy grows well over walls or fences and can even be used to cover a lawn if it is trimmed evenly. It is used mainly to cover bare or unsightly areas, as it covers up the area completely. It grows up to a height of 5 feet.

It shows signs of stress if the weather is too cold or if the soil is dry. It can be grown from cuttings or from its root. It does not require much maintenance except that it should be kept away from the direct sun and should be kept moist. It, therefore, becomes rather difficult to maintain as an indoor plant.