Fox Tail Palm

Size up to 50 ft.Regular water requirement.light shade.Rapid germination, but a low success rate.Flower stalk coming from below the crownshaft

Botanical Name - Woldyetia Bifurcata

Common Name - Fox tail palm

Additional Info

Ready plants up to 12 to 15feet height Because they are hardy, foxtail palms are considered easy to grow. They will grow in virtually any well-drained soil, including sandy or rocky soil. It will likely do the best growth in full sun, but partial shade locations are also tolerable for the foxtail palm. As a plant native to northern Australia, they are quite drought-resistant. In cooler monthsoccasional waterings are needed. During the rest of the year, it is best to regularly provide a good, deep watering. Over-watering can be a concern with foxtail palms, so be sure not to give too much water at once.

Because of their height, foxtail palms are generally grown outdoors. They are commonly used to line streets or driveways, but they are also popular in yards or landscaped beds. When grown in groups of two, three or four they can provide a large backdrop for a nicely landscaped yard or garden Foxtail palms can also be grown in a pot on a porch or patio, and they can easily be grown indoors as long as it is given a brightly lit area in which to grow. Because of their size, they are not necessarily appropriate to grow at home but look nice in a building atrium or lobby.