Garland Flower Daphne

Shrubs or small trees, rarely herbs, evergreen or deciduous. Bark tough and fibrous . 6" to 12" tall. Width at least twice the height. Evergreen

Botanical Name - Daphne cneorum Garland Flower

Common Name - Garland Flower Daphne

Additional Info

Shrubs or small trees, rarely herbs, evergreen or deciduous. Bark tough and fibrous . 6″ to 12″ tall. Width at least twice the height. Evergreen, narrow leaves. Alternate leaf arrangement. Pink flowers. Prostrate growth. Habit: A small, evergreen shrub with long prostrate branches. White flowers. 0.5″ across. Fragrant. Blooms in April and sporadic in summer. Seeds: Fruit: Brown drupe. Rarely fruits. Not ornamentally important.