Hedychium coronarium

it is a top-selling ginger and the most fragrant of all. In the summer and fall it bears fragrant flowers that resemble butterflies, thus the common name, Butterfly Ginger. It is also been said to at

Common Name - Hedychium coronarium

Additional Info

Hedychium coronarium need light shade and a soil that is high in organic matter. The plants should stay wet at all times, the pots may even be immersed up to the crown in water. Fertilize weekly with a balanced fertilizer. The plants are very robust and quickly grow out of the containers. They need to be divided yearly. Remove old stems after flowers have faded to promote new growth. Hedychium coronarium is propagated by division in late winter- early spring. A frequent ginger in the house gardens of the Dai people along the Mekong river, it is used in local medicine to treat cold, headache, arthritis, and injuries. Sometimes this plant is called Alpinia alba which is an incorrect name.