A small flowering shrub, cultivated throughout the tropics for their clustering long lasting flowers and attractive shiny leaves. A plant has compact growth.

Additional Info

Flowers light pink in color borne in bunches. Flowers throughout the year but blooms profusely from Feb to June. Used extensively in landscaping to form small hedges. Also grows well as a potted flowering plant. Ixor from the name of an Indian deity – is a genus with about 400 species, some of which rival Hibiscus as garden shrubs. I.javanica, one of the most often used, is a sizeable shrub with largish, pointed leaves and red-orange or pure red flowers that appear in rounded clusters of as many as sixty at the tips of the branches. it is smaller, with glossy, more ovate leaves; usually red, but there are white, pink, yellow, and orange varieties, and a dwarf often used as a low hedge.in this plant is native of Thailand, can become a small tree and has large, fragrant, pure white flowers. In full sun or light shade, Ixora flowers almost continuously needing little pruning except for a more formal shape. When grown as a houseplant, it needs high humidity, warm temperatures, and exposure to strong light. Propagation is easiest by air-layering. Species and varieties: