Jacaranda Tree

There in poly bags / 3to4feet height

Common Name - Jacaranda tree

Additional Info

Blue color flowers it also called as neli gulmohar

With its blue-mauve clouds of flowers, the jacaranda is a tree of exceptionally delicate beauty. Indeed, it is difficult to understand why this native of Brazil is not more widely planted. The jacaranda is a small tree, reached a maximum height of 12 meters, with slender branches and feathery foliage. The branches begin to emerge very high above the ground and their diversification is fairly symmetrical. The large numbers of smaller, fine branches give the tree canopy an irregular appearance. The trunk is covered with a dull grayish-black bark that is quite smooth.

The compound leaves, feathery in appearance and made up of 16-18 pairs of smaller units called pinnae, in turn, bear 14-24 pairs of small light green leaflets. Each pinna is placed exactly opposite its pair on either side of the main leaf stalk. Each leaflet is always larger than the rest.

The mauve blossoms of the jacaranda are quite unparalleled in their loveliness. Dropping and slightly pyramidal in shape, each loss, branched floral cluster is filled with roughly 50 tube-like flowers. Each flower has a small set of sepals and a five-lobed tube of petals, of which three are bigger than the others. Above two-thirds of the length of petals is fused into the tube, and the tips of the cluster have buds. The fruit is a brown, oblong and a hard capsule that bursts open when ripe. The seeds are winged.

The fragrant timber of the jacaranda is often called “false rosewood”, It is used to make furniture, cabinets, and tool handles. The bark and leaves have medicinal value. But its greatest value is a beauty.