It will be charged on the design approx cost each square feet would work out Rs 90 including chips, weed mat, rocks, lantern and plants


Additional Info

Japanese gardens derive their beauty from a mixing and blending of different elements like Sand, Rocks, Water, ornaments such as lanterns, water basins (tsukubai), and bamboo fences, natural plants and surroundings. Mountain views and rivers are miniaturized using stones, sand, and gravel. Symbolization is used in almost every Japanese garden. Raked sand or gravel symbolizes rivers, groupings of stones and rock can represent islands. Shakkei or borrowed view is the use of existing scenery and plants to supplement the garden. The garden design is made in such a way that the existing scenery becomes part of the total design.

There are several different styles of Japanese gardens.

  • Karesansui
  • Tea gardens – Cha Niwa or Roji
  • Courtyard Gardens – Tsubo Niwa
  • Strolling gardens – Tsukiyama
  • Strolling gardens – Kaiyu-Shikien