Laurus Labs, Achutapuram

Water efficient ,hot tolerant,scale,balance, symmetry.

Project Details

  • Project Location - Achutapuram
  • Area / Garden Size - 9 Acres
  • Project Budget - 4.5 Crores

Project Photos


The garden is geometrically elegant and seeks to create harmony and balance through a juxtaposition of repeating elements in both hard and soft landscaping with loose and relaxed planting The emphasis in the planting is green, in hundreds of shades,using the effects of foliage over flowers.
Each area has a unique concept.The garden is a composition or score revealed in parts through the experience of distinct garden rooms. Each room has its own character and mood expressed in different colours, textures, forms and gestures. The choreography of each expresses different influences and ideas as well as responding to practical factors such as aspect and existing building types. the common thread throughout the garden is its preoccupation with expressing movement, as well as its recurrent use of materials and planting.
The plants in the garden have a water-efficient character and are ideal for areas that have periodic water shortages. They are all suited to an open, sunny, well-drained garden. There is strong architectural planting with year-round evergreen interest by ground cover provided to complement the shapes of the hard landscaping.
As per Mr Pradip “An imaginative, well planned design that synergistically compliments the architectural and environmental dynamics of thisproperty is the foundation to a successful Landscape that will ensure an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical end-result of lasting enjoyment and value.

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