Dinesh Hinduja

Grid-pattern gardens designed for people and their leisure needs" rather than plants are a modern idea.

Project Details

  • Project Location - Bangalore
  • Area / Garden Size - 4500 sft
  • Project Budget - 20 Lakhs
  • Project Type - Individual bungalow at Judicial colony

Project Photos


One challenge of residential landscape design today is not only creating aesthetically pleasing environments but integrating into them outdoor living elements, such as decks, grills and spas. As more and more people utilize their outdoor spaces for entertaining and recreation, the hardscaping (use of hard materials such as stone, concrete, gravel and wood to connect spaces) becomes the back- bone of the design that holds the garden together. Mr. Pradip love plants and stylish functionalism appealed to the contemporary tastes of the owners of this suburban garden, as did his modern sensibility born from years as a landscaping experience – First, Mr. Pradip softened the house’s architectural edges with carefully chosen plantings of palms. He kept many of the existing trees to provide shade and stability to the borders. Mr. Pradip drew on a tropical planting tradition that combines textures and shapes to plant a harmonious mix of attractive foliage plants. This modern garden contains everything you need for recreation: an outdoor barbecue, a lawn for the children to play on and comfortable places to dine and entertain in. There is even a spa garden just outside the master bedroom, below the rectangular pool, enclosed with the same walls as used in the house and with a perimeter of bamboo to nestle the structure into the rest of the garden With its dramatic outdoor living space, incorporating cooking, living and dining areas, and low maintenance yet exotic planting, Mr. Pradip and the owners have managed to create a garden packed with practical style but with the luxurious feel of the outdoors. This modern garden has everything a lawn for kids to play on, comfortable places for entertaining and out door barbecue – Pradip ( Owner Garden world )

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