Meyenia Erecta

It's a flowering shrub and also be trained as a climber on the trellis and fence for screening. It has beautiful foliage with eye-catching flowers. It can also be used as a hedge plant. plants are

Botanical Name - Thunbergia erecta

Common Name - Meyenia erecta

Additional Info

Thumbergia erecta is a compact, bushy shrub, 60-120 cm tall, with erect branches which originate almost from the ground level. In severe winter, the shrub becomes deciduous. The flowers are dark blue with orange throat and yellow tube. The flowering season is during February. The shrub is trimmed during the rainy season to keep dwarf. A handsome shrub for a mixed border or shrubbery can also be trimmed into an ornamental hedge.

Propagated from cuttings during the rains, although the seed is very good.