This fast-growing tree flowers at night and sheds flowers early in the morning.

Botanical Name - Millingtonia hortensis

Common Name - Tree Jasmine

Additional Info

It is also called the Cork Tree, as an inferior cork is processed from its corky bark. In the cooler months tree blooms in the night and early in the morning; fragrant flowers falling and carpeting the ground around. The tree has a straight trunk and only a few branches. Leaves are very ornamental, even when not in bloom this plant is an eye stopper. Flowers are white, waxy, trumpet-shaped and somewhat two-lipped with five subequal lobes. The tree flowers from October till the end of December. The flowers are used in rituals. Because of the perfume of the flowers, they are very much sought after. The waxy characteristic of the flowers ensures their freshness for a long time. Extract of the leaves of Millingtonia hortensis has good antimicrobial activity. Dried flower – bronchodilator, root – lung tonic.