this tree has much medicinal uses, saplings of 2 ft height available at our nursery

Botanical Name - Mimusops elengi

Common Name - Spanish cherry

Additional Info

Bullet wood is an evergreen tree reaching a height of about 16 m. It flowers in April, and fruiting occurs in June. Leaves are glossy, dark green, oval-shaped, 14 cm long and 2.56 cm wide. Flowers are cream, hairy and scented. The bark is thick and appears dark brownish black or grayish black in color, with striations and a few cracks on the surface. The tree may reach up to a height of 9-18 m with about 1 m in circumference The bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds are astringent, cooling, anthelmintic, tonic, and febrifuge. It is mainly used in dental ailments like bleeding gums, pyorrhea, dental caries, and loose teeth.