Pandorea Jasminoides

It's a perfect plant to have on the entrances of the house as they can vine well on the trellis or pergola at those lush green appeals of the plant give the area a soothing look with a mind

Botanical Name - Pandorea Jasminoides

Common Name - Pandorea Jasminoides

Additional Info

The Pandora Jasmine will need bright light including some direct sunlight, but in contrast, they prefer relatively cooler temperatures (about 60 degrees is optimal). Once cooler temperatures set in, bring the plant indoors and continue to keep in a high light setting. A warm south window would be just fine.

WATER: Water plentifully during the active growth period. Summertime conditions may require watering daily. Feed every few weeks.

Fall is a great time to do some pruning. Cutting back significantly. You will notice rather slow growth during the winter, but as soon as the days begin to get longer these speedy growers will rebound rapidly.

Propagate by cuttings taken at the time of pruning.

These plants are most often available on a trellis in 10-inch pots in late spring