Path Ways

Paths in the landscape should do more than just be a way of getting from here to there. In the landscaped garden the path is really part of the journey. Well-designed paths attract the eye with a sens

Additional Info

Paths usually begin as a practical assessment of a situation that begs for something more than just a plain lawn. Perhaps the pathway gets soggy and muddy during rainy periods. Perhaps the pathway is used to such an extent that it is hard to keep grass flourishing after the soil has been compacted.That being said, planning the pathway should be more about aesthetics instead of being purely functional. Efficiency of the trip, trying to save a second or two, is not the prime motivating factors when considering a landscape garden path. It is the journey, not the mileage involved that is most important.Planning a path should involve a destination, something worth the effort of making the path more than just a journey to nowhere. That means it should have a focal point of sorts. A destination! This might be nothing more than a bird bath or a cherished bench at the end of the walk.