Pink Trumpet Vine

its glossy foliage and abundance of attractive pink flowers is a very showy plant. It is a vigorous, woody, rambling, evergreen climber without tendrils.

Botanical Name - Podranea ricasoliana

Additional Info

The leaves are compound and a deep glossy green. It sends up many tall strong stems, 3 to 5 m up to 10+ m high if left unchecked, that have long spreading branches with a graceful arching habit. Large bunches of fragrant lilac-pink, trumpet-shaped, foxglove-like flowers are produced all summer long (November to March). The flowers are carried at the branch tips of the new growth and are held above the foliage. The flowers terminate a branch, and after flowering new side, branches develop behind the spent flowers. The flowers are often visited by carpenter bees (Xylocopa species). The fruit is a long, narrow, straight, flattened capsule. The seeds are brown, ovate and flat, in a large rectangular papery wing. It tends not to produce many fertile seeds