Piper Betle

It is a branching vine, that may climb as high as 10-15ft, although it often grows as an understory ground cover. The plant prefers warm, humid conditions, but can tolerate some drought. It is general

Botanical Name - Piper betle

Common Name - Betel leaf

Additional Info

These leaves have antimicrobial activity towards bacteria in the mouth. Essential oils of the plant contained phenolic compounds. Throughout the balmy Asian tropics, great passion is accorded the chewing of the stimulating fruit of the Areca catechu palm known as betel nut. Traditionally prepared by chopping or slicing the areca nut, adding a bit of moistened lime to a Piper betel leaf and wrapping the nuts in ribbon-like strips of leaf to make a small packet known as a buy. When one visits a household, the host will likely offer one of these buoys as a gesture of hospitality. Workers will often carry small boxes or bags of prepared betel much like the Peruvians carry coca leaves. Piper betel grows as a vigorous vine which is usually supported by a trellis of bamboo poles. The heart-shaped leaves are marvelously pungent and spicy. Makes an interesting container plant.