About Project

The garden includes three outdoor spaces and all at different levels: the newest was the exotic water feature at the terrace level `attaching the house and overlooking the gazebo ,orchid wall ,feature wall and lawn. Metal – wood jalli and corten steel wall cladding dominate the architecture . Vertical green wall , orchid wall and lush plantings at the terrace level surround the garden, giving it some much needed privacy and creating a tranquil place to relax

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About Project

One challenge of industrial landscape design today is not only creating aesthetically pleasing environments but integrating into them with elements such as water feature, walkways..

As more and more people utilize their outdoor spaces for entertaining and recreation the hard scape (use of hard materials such as stone or gravel becomes the backbone of the design that holds the garden together.

Mr Pradip’s love of plants and stylish functionalism appealed to the contemporary tastes of the client of this urban design. Employing the repetition, constrast and color he was able to transform the property into modern, functional garden complementing the building. Constrasting qualities of light is brought by a diversity of textures in the carefully choosen plant material. water is used to transform surfaces, reflecting water body just outside the building with sculptured looking tree ease the structure into the rest of the garden area.