Quisqualis Indica

Very beautiful, cascading creeper, Quisqualis indica has flowers which have a lovely smell. The color varies from white to red, with shades of pink thrown in between, as the flowers mature. This cree

Botanical Name - Quisqualis indica

Common Name - Rangoon Creeper

Additional Info

The fruit of the Quisqualis indica has the taste of almonds when they are ripe. It’s seeds spread through water.

This creeper, also known as Rangoon creeper, used to be found in the forests of Philippines, Malaysia, and India, from where it has been cultivated.

This plant is also used in folk medicine.  It is known to be effective in treating diarrhea through a decoction made from its various parts. The roots are good for the treatment of rheumatism and its seeds are poisonous to ringworm and kill it in the digestive tract.