Royal Palm

The tree posses lot of assets, they can be used in the parks and gardens. The bark of the tree is silky and flowers are of straw yellow color which appear in summer and rainy season.

Botanical Name - Oreodoxa Regia

Common Name - Royal Palm, Bottle Palm

Additional Info

The tree is really a graceful one and it is extensively cultivated in India. Almost all the parts of the tree can be used in some way. Royal Palm Tree can be used  in the parks and in their gardens. The tree possess a lot of assets. One of the major assets is that the tree is defiant to the wind and it has salt drench. It can achieve the height of about 20 m in general. The tree can easily decorate the avenues very nicely if you plant them there. The stem of the tree is straight and it does not contain any branches. It distinctively thickens towards the top. However, this is not habitual to the tree and hence cannot be described as a definite characteristic of the tree. You can see this very characteristic in most of the young trees.

The bark of the tree is silky and of palest grey in colour. The flowers are of straw yellow in colour and they appear during the Summer and the Rainy season.

The fruits of this nice tree are small in size and round shaped. They are light purple in colour when they become mature and normally appear in clusters.

People cook and eat the tender top segment of the tree as a vegetable. The leaf-sheaths are also flattened out and are used as sleeping mats.