Our trellis with its arch is designed to give a solid look. This is to offset it with the growth of plants to bear its weight.

Common Name - Trellis

Additional Info

Nasturtiums or sweet peas grow well over the arch and it has an awesome effect. Practical and attractive, the trellis supports the plants well. These can be used to decorate the garden near a wall or can add to the elegance of the garden. Our trellises are popular for flowers and shrubs. If two are placed side by side, the appearance of the space is changed and made to look beautiful.
A trellis can also be used to separate fences or certain areas of the garden with two or more of them. Private areas are also created within a garden using a trellis with highclimber plants. They can also be used to embellish an entrance. Climbing roses on a trellis make attractive and elegant designs even for the tiniest spaces that can do with a touch of color.

Here are few plants which would love to climb on this trellis

Thunbergia jhumkii, Thunbergia mysorensis, Clematis glory, Yellow jasmine, Ipomea candy king