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Common Name - Vertical garden

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The Vertical Garden is a unique indoor/outdoor modular planter with 3 levels of interlocking tripod pots. Its superior ergonomic design saves space and water. With a flow-through an irrigation system, when you to water the top pot it waters all the lower pots, with no waste of water. It helps in hiding less attractive portions of your landscape, with pests and diseases, since many pests cannot even reach the plants. Vertical gardens thus promise fewer insects, disease, mildew, and fungus due to the additional sunshine and air circulation, You can grow more plants with limited space,Many materials used for vertical gardening can be used in ground-level gardening or raised beds, such as trellises and stakes, Hanging baskets and grow bags are a great way to grow both flowers and vegetables in a small vertical space,It will help in keeping your plant away from soil-borne diseases. Perfect plants for vertical gardening are vines and other climbing plants. These are the best choice for growing on fences, garden arbors, and trellises. They capture the beauty of the whole arena as they are attractive for both their foliage and their flowers. Wisteria and Trumpet Creeper are popular vines that have beautiful flowers and fill out with lush, green leaves. Here is a list of the best choice of vegetables and other plants that you can use for vertical gardening.